Everyone knows that making offers on property is crucial to success. The more offers your make, the more money you will make. Now for the first time, using some incredible software, you can make multiple offers in minutes and have them faxed or emailed out for you!.

Hi, my name is Ken. I have tried many real estate investing strategies and courses. Many sound like they have some great ideas, but they are not always the easiest to implement or did they provide for fast cash returns. I needed to make money within 30 days with a system that worked. I found two of the most respected guys in the business, doing real estate deals almost automatically week after week. I just did not know how they did it. Recently, both of them launched their secret weapons. Software ! and I was AMAZED.

These guys had set up a system along with software and I was hooked. Luckily, they are happy to share their secrets about their success with others.

Both of their systems are good. I have reviewed them both and have rated them both accordingly on five different criteria. Please feel free to email me with any questions you have in regards to these reviews. I look forward to your comments on the different software systems. The two reviews are below...

Best Wishes,
-- Ken Anderson,
Consumer Advocate for better real estate education

Last updated on Aug 31 2015

Rank Name EaseFeaturesPrice Rating Info
Rapid Offer Generator11$1 Seven Day Trial

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MLS Gorilla22$995 - $1995 plus $69 - $199 monthly

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Rapid Offer Generator

Ease: 1
Features: 1
Price: $1 Seven Day Trial


The Rapid Offer Generator has been currently only been available to Duncan Wierman’s Platinum virtual investing and marketing students.  However Duncan has decided to release this particular toolset to others who cannot afford his advanced training.

The Rapid Offer Generator consist of 3 modules.

1. The “REO Deal Finder” which will seek  out nationwide via city / state selections to search out the best deals based on Loan to Value (LTV) and CAP Rates.   The system will even find the rental comps for you!

2. The  “Rapid Offer Generator” ( ROG) . This webbased software will  email, fax, offers  and  then sms text alert the real estate agents to watch out for their arrival.

3.  The Document management module,  is the follow up module that allows you to resend your offers accordingly.

One of the other benefits of purchasing this product is the bonus software!

1. The  Advanced version of his already well know “OnlineLeadFinder”  software has been turbo charged to build you a buyers  list in less than 30 minutes.  I had a sneak peak of how this integrates into Facebook and how you can use it from your Iphone! Cool!

2.  The “Online REO Deal Finder ” **  will actually find REO deals online WITHOUT MLS access, exporting the data directly into the Rapid Offer Generator.

The course also provides you Transaction Funding with Proof Of Funds!  One of the other things I enjoyed is he  tutorials from his two most successful students Kurtis and Cindy Squires who show you how to do this business in the toughest market in the USA.

A truly complete system. Find the buyers, Ask what they want, Find the Deals, Make Offers, and Make Money . Its truly easy as 1, 2, 3!

I love this program.  Highly Recommended. Duncan’s support and training are the superb!

12 positive user reviews     1 negative user reviews.

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MLS Gorilla

Price: $995 - $1995 plus $69 - $199 monthly
Ease: 2
Features: 2
Monthly Fee: $69 - $295 per month


This MLS Gorilla is a  web-based application that does do what it says it does, making multiple offers.  The software has a follow up and tracking system included.   Your data is centralized  so you can make offers from anywhere*.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: To start using the system, you must have access  (or someone who does ) to your local MLS to be able to export data  from the MLS in the market area you choose to make offers in.  You then have to re-import this data into the program to start using it.

The price is very high when you consider it has half of the feature / functionality of other products on the market .  There is also  the associated monthly fees depending on how many offers you want to send out.

Website Price is $1,995.00 plus monthly

Beginner’s Lounge – 500 Contracts a Month    $69
Newbie Investor – 1000 Contracts Per Month    $99
Hobby Investor – 1500 Contracts per Month    $145
Master Investor – 3000 Contracts per Month    $195
Real Estate Guru – Unlimited Contracts per Month    $295

Zach Childress is considered by his students a very good trainer for the product.

Update: National Association of Realtor Contract have been “said” to be buggy and not work.

5 positive user reviews     3 negative user reviews.

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